MANG B9629 - Results-Oriented Coaching
MANG B9630 - Transformational Coaching
MANG B9631 - Foundations of Coaching
MANG B9647 - Grant Writing for Profit and Nonprofit Entities
MANG B9652 - Critical Elements of Customer Service
MANG B9654 - Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
MANG B9668 - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace (CT)
MANG B9674 - Critical Thinking Skills (Grants)
MANG B9678 - The Professional Supervisor
MANG B9703 - Problem Solving (Grants)
MANG B9710 - Facilitation Skills
MANG B9734 - E-Commerce Management
MANG B9737 - Transgender Employees - Inclusive Work Community
MANG B9738 - Managing Across Cultures
MANG B9741 - Interpersonal Communication (Grants)
MANG B9742 - Winning Work Habits (Grants)
MANG B9743 - Working in Teams (Grants)
MANG B9744 - Life Skills (Grants)
MANG B9745 - Coach Leadership: Onsite & Remote
MANG D0001 - Cultivating An Inclusive Workplace
MANG D0002 - Budget Basics
MANG D0005 - Basic Math
MANG D0006 - Creating an Inclusive Workplace
MANG D0007 - Culturally Competent Customer Service
MANG D0008 - Developing Culturally Competent Leadership
MANG D0009 - Establishing Inclusive Hiring
MANG D0010 - Identifying and Addressing Racial Micro-aggressions in the Workplace
MANG D0011 - What is Hidden Bias & How Do I Overcome It?
MANG D0012 - Business Leadership
MANG D0016 - Cannabis and the Workplace
MANG D0017 - Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
MANG D0018 - Managing the Virtual Workplace
MANG D0019 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MANG D0020 - Lean Process Improvement
MANG D0021 - Creating a Workplace Wellness Program
MANG D0033 - Opus Monetae – The Money Management Course
MANG D0035 - Interpersonal Communications
MANG D0037 - Developing an Agile Mindset for the Competitive Business Landscape