Course Description

The self-paced Contact Tracing program is designed for community health workers or individuals with little or no experience conducting contact tracing. Content is delivered through self-paced asynchronous eLearning via CANVAS.
After completing the prescribed training, you should be able to conduct contact tracing and have an understanding of:

  • How COVID-19 is transmitted
  • Strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • Components of COVID-19 contact tracing
  • Effective communication skills
  • Requirements for protecting health information
  • The COVID-19 contact tracing protocol

Course Outline

1.    Strategies for the reduction of the spread of COVID-19
2.    Components of COVID-19 Contact Tracing
3.    Effective  Communication
4.    Multicultural  Communication
5.    The COVID-19 Contact Tracing Protocol
6.    Protecting Health Information

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be familiar with how to:
  • Describe what COVID-19 is
  • Understand the basics of epidemiology and its importance to contact tracing
  • Describe how to prevent COVID-19 transmission
  • List symptoms of COVID-19
  • Define social distancing
  • Describe the incubation and infectious period
  • Define contact tracing
  • Describe the basic steps of contact tracing
    • Test
    • Investigate
    • Trace
    • Quarantine or isolate
    • Follow-up
  • Describe skills and qualities necessary for contact tracers
    • Motivational  interviewing skills
    • Risk communication skills
    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Adaptations for contacts with hearing impairments
  • Describe how to build rapport
  • List at least six effective communication skills
  • Describe assertive, passive, and aggressive behavior
  • Describe in detail the actions and requirements associated with each step of the contact tracing process
    • Test
    • Investigate
    • Trace
    • Quarantine or isolate
    • Follow-up
  • Utilize a checklist to ensure they have completed all tasks for tracing with a contact
  • Explain why it is important to protect health information
  • Understand the potential consequences if data are not protected
  • Describe the ethics of data collection during an outbreak


Materials Required:

Practice: Medical Office Online Access
1st Edition
By Muzzy Lane ISBN10:  1259293696
ISBN13:  9781259293696
Copyright: 2016

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