Course Description

Participants in their capacity as Mental Health Specialists, Addiction Recovery Assistants, and Certified Recovery Specialists observe behaviors that follow the patterns associated with substance use disorder, as well as co-occurring disorders. (e.g., communication challenges, isolation, restricted areas of interest, etc.) that may impact on aftercare planning and treatment progress. The only way the entire team can know all of the observed components, is through appropriate documentation.

Course Outline

I. Lecture, presentation and discussion of Client Treatment Plan and how observation and documentation of behaviors, impact the development and validity of that TP.
II. Observation skills leading to adequate and appropriate note taking as well as barriers which inhibit helpful documentation.
III. Group exercise (4 groups with 5 individuals per group) with 4 scenarios provided by instructor. This exercise is to practice the skill of identifying the observers ability to separate emotions from intellect, and record the behaviors and the circumstances that assist the treatment team in nurturing positive and addressing negative behaviors.
IV. Lecture and interaction on how to convert observation and note taking into helpful documentation. 
V. Breaking into groups with scenarios on recognition, interpretation and practice 
documentation in compliance with BWGC POLICY AND PROCEDURE

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion iof this workshop participants will:
• Be able to define the purposes of behavior observation and recording.
• Acquire the skills necessary for observation, recording and report writing.
• Acquire the ability to observe behavior and events accurately and the ability to record them in a clear and concise fashion.
• Able to observe behavior to learn about patterns and functions of that behavior that impair or enhance the recovery process




 Materials Required:
 Handouts provided by instructor.
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