Course Description

Learn how to become a culturally competent change agent. Students will build an awareness of how to become culturally competent leaders within their organizations. These leaders empower their team by valuing the unique contributions of the individual team member. Participants will learn how to develop an implementation plan to enact change at your institution. 
The workshop is divided into three distinct parts: 
• Defining cultural competence and good leadership
• Learning the building blocks and language needed to enhance cultural knowledge and skills
• Using cultural competence to make an impact in the workplace
Participants will learn the traits of leadership, define the significance of culture and cultural competence, identify communication barriers and resolve conflict, test for hidden bias and create a plan for correction, and evaluate their organization’s practices that impact diversity and inclusion.

Notice: Per City guidelines, masking will be strongly recommended but not mandatory. Wearing a high-quality mask such as KN95 or N95 mask, or double masking, is strongly encouraged.  It is important to wear a mask that is well-fitted. For information on proper masking, including how to double mask, please read this guidance from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/effective-masks.html.

Course Outline

1. Defining good leadership 
2. Culture, cultural competence, and diversity in the organization 
3. Testing for hidden bias 
4. Taking action: plan to correct hidden bias 
5. Communication barriers: how to resolve conflict 
6. Inclusivity in your organization 

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be familiar with:

• The traits of leadership
• Definition of culture and cultural competence and the significance in the organization
• Assessment of their organization’s practices, policies and procedures and their impact on diversity and inclusion
• Assessment of hiring and promotion practices 
• Identify steps needed to address internal actions that detract from inclusivity and equality 


Materials Required:

Handouts provided by instructor. 


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