Course Description

Is your customer service reputation driving the growth of your business or driving customers to the competition?  This dynamic workshop presents essential information on excellence in customer service and combines it with an opportunity to practice those skills and receive feedback to reinforce the learning. Participants will develop new skills in managing customer information, effective communication, and using proven tools and techniques for creating lasting customer satisfaction.  This two-day workshop is designed around six critical elements of customer service that, when the company lives them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition. 

Course Outline

Course Overview
-    Get to know the participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop
-    Students will have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives
What is Customer Service?
-    Customer service focus
-     Six elements of customer service 
Who Are Your Customers?
-    Internal or External 
Meeting Expectations
-    Critical areas where customers have expectations.
Pre-Assignment Review
Setting Goals and Targets
-    Set long- and short-term goals. 
-    Creating a personal vision.
The Second Critical Element – Defined in Your Organization 
-    What does your organization expect of you?
o    How to ensure that those standards line up with what customers expect.
The Third Critical Element – Given Life by the Employees
-    Customer service must be a philosophy that is practiced by all employees.
Communication Skills
-    Key Communication skills:  empathy, body language, asking questions, and listening.
Telephone Techniques
-    This brief lecture will look at an ideal telephone call, from the greeting to the conclusion.
o    Review common situations, such as placing a caller on hold and taking a message.
Dealing with Difficult Callers
-    Participants will work in small groups to complete a mix-and-match exercise on common types of difficult callers and appropriate responses.
Dealing with Challenges Assertively
-    Unexpected Challenges
o     Participants will work in small groups to develop responses to some of these issues.
Dealing with Difficult People
-    Difficult behavior
o    Identify coping strategies, and discuss the difficult person they find most trying. 
Dealing with Conflict
-    Examine five ways to deal with conflict.
The Fourth Critical Element – Be a Problem Solver 
-    We will look at a six step plan for solving problems. Then, participants will role play the plan.
Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
-    Participants review a plan designed specifically for solving customer service problems.
-    A six-step process to turn unhappy customers around.
The Fifth Critical Element – Measure It
-    How to measure customer service.
The Sixth Critical Element – Reinforce it
-    How to keep a customer service focus strong. 
-    Powerful phrases that can help you build a positive image.
Dealing with Stress
-    Quick, easy ways to de-stress in any place, at any time.
Workshop Wrap-Up
-    Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop students will be able to:
o    Demonstrate a customer service approach 
o    Understand how your own behavior affects the behavior of others
o    Demonstrate confidence and skill as a problem solver
o    Apply techniques to deal with difficult customers
o    Make a choice to provide customer service 


      Materials Required:
Handouts will be provided by the instructor. 


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