Course Description

A coach-approach style of leadership will strengthen your skillset and inspire those you manage to achieve stronger performance. In this class you will learn about powerful coaching principles that are utilized when managing on-site and remote teams. You will also learn how to use coaching tools and techniques to develop staff members, address performance issues and obtain accountability. This is an interactive, hands-on class that will enable you to immediately apply your learning in the work environment.

Course Outline

· Operating in the Connected Age

o Traditional management styles and philosophies: limitations and strengths

o The connected age and accompanying benefits and challenges of managing others remotely · Differences between Management and Leadership o Distinctions between the competencies used when managing others versus leading others · Understand the Coach-Approach Leadership Style o Define what a coach-approach leader does o Evaluate the coach-approach competencies o Develop an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on coaching and leadership · Coach Approach Leadership Self-Assessment o Identify current skills and development needs of coach-approach leadership o Design an action plan to strengthen skills · Examine and apply the Coaching Model: o Results o Actions o Challenges o Evaluation · Identify Causes of Performance Challenges o Utilize the Six-Boxes Framework · Analyze the key factors of Accountability o Utilize the Accountability Ladder o Decipher accountable versus non-accountable behaviors · Develop an Action Plan to implement coach approach leadership

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be familiar with how to:

· Gain an understanding of the importance of coaching in the Connected Age of

the 21st Century

· Evaluate the differences between managing and leading and how they intersect

· Examine the core coaching competencies and Emotional Intelligence principles

that define a coach-approach style of leadership

· Utilize a Coaching Model that provides structure and mastery of coaching skills

· Understand and analyze the key factors in managing performance challenges

· Identify the components of personal accountability and how to coach others to

honor commitments


Materials Required:

Handouts provided by instructor.


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Coach Leadership: Onsite & Remote
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